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Welcome to Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness. Whether you are looking for substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one in overcoming addiction, we truly understand how overwhelming, frustrating, and scary this time can be. Founder Jonathan formed Bodhi Addiction out of one simple desire: to help everyone, no matter what the circumstances, with love and compassion. Since addiction often affects every area of one’s life, including relationships, jobs etc., overcoming it can be an overwhelming idea. The good news is, there are proven steps that one can take to help ensure their success. Just like every other journey, it starts with the first step. At Bodhi Addiction we have the ability and willingness to help all levels of addiction through the following services, depending on what’s needed to help each individual find success and their own path.

Consultations about treatment options: to determine what is needed as well as what is feasible

Referrals to residential treatment centers across the country: to help establish a clean and sober foundation

Interventions: if the individual is not currently willing to seek help

One-on-one counseling: to address underlying issues or difficulties the individual isn’t comfortable addressing through a group setting

Outpatient / Mentorship programs: designed to keep the individual on a positive path through planning, guidance and empowerment

Volunteerism: by giving back, we help restore or develop ourselves into caring, contributing member of our community

Wellness: can and should encompass: good nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and personal interests

We believe we are all connected and it’s our responsibility to empower individuals to become who they were meant to be. With all the loss associated with addiction and substance abuse, it is very easy and common to lose ourselves as well. Our goal is to work with and treat each person as an individual, to help them find themselves and their path once again.A ┬áDrug treatment doesn’t need to be approached alone, we would be happy to stand by your side.

Not sure where to start? Simply call Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness at (844) 952-7268.

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425 Capitola Ave. Suite #1, Capitola, CA 95010
(831) 359-4350

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