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The Combination of Other Depressants and Alcohol

What Happens When Alcohol is Mixed With a Depressant? The combination of other depressants and alcohol is a recipe for overdose. Learn about the dangers of mixing depressants and alcohol. It may seem harmless at first. You struggle with sleep issues, so you take an Ambien or Ativan and chase it with a drink—or two. […]

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Alcoholic Eyes Symptoms

Does Alcohol Affect Your Eyes? “Alcoholic eyes” is a catchall term that refers to the adverse effects of alcoholism on eyesight and eye health. Most people have heard about the negative health effects of heavy drinking. We know that alcoholism can cause liver disease, cancer, heart disease, and brain damage. What we may not be […]

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The Dangers of Snorting Adderall

What Happens If You Snort Adderall? It is well known that Adderall is addictive, but the dangers of snorting Adderall only increase the risks of this drug. It may have started as an innocent attempt to do better in school. The news got out that Adderall, the drug used for treating kids with ADHD, could […]

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Can You Die from Heroin Withdrawal

Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal? You may have read that you can die from heroin withdrawal. Can you? In most cases, the answer is no, but there are complications that could result in death. Someone battling a heroin addiction may be ready for sobriety but is very fearful of the withdrawal process. Addicts are […]

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Ritalin Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

Abuse of Ritalin can result in a substance use disorder. Learn what to expect during Ritalin detox and withdrawal. Most people with school-aged kids have heard about the drug Ritalin. This drug is prescribed to children with ADHD, which affects 9.4% of the nation’s children. Ritalin is also diverted and abused by people using it […]


Dope Sick Withdrawal Symptoms

What Does it Mean to Be Dope Sick? Learn about the flu-like “dope sick” symptoms of opiate withdrawal When you hear the term “dope sick” it refers to symptoms of illness that come after the effects of opiates wear off. In fact, feeling these dope sick symptoms may be the first sign that dependence has […]

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Rehab Northern California for Holistic Treatment

Holistic Rehab Northern California Holistic addiction treatment rehabs treat the whole person, not just the disease. A recent trend toward a more holistic approach to treatment is now front and center in some rehab Northern California programs. Holistic treatment is based on the concept that our wellness involves all aspects of the person: mind, body, […]

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Impulse Control and Alcohol Abuse

Impulse Control and Addiction Disorder Impulse control problems are common among people who abuse alcohol. When someone struggles with impulse control, they are unable to resist engaging in behaviors that cause them, or others, harm. Impulse control disorder (ICD) is a newly defined type of personality disorder. ICD often co-occurs with alcohol abuse. An ICD […]


How a Spouse is Affected By a Partner’s Addiction

How To Deal With an Addicted Spouse Marriage can suffer greatly when one partner is struggling with addiction. The spouse of an addict is deeply affected by the other’s substance use, to the point that real damage can be done. Substance abuse puts so much pressure on marriage on top of normal daily demands. So […]