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Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness in Santa Cruz CA - 425 Capitola Ave #1, Capitola, CA 95010 - We offer addiction services, outpatient programs and holistic health and wellness from our office in Santa Cruz, California. We offer free treatment consultations and referrals to Northern California residential recovery programs and nationwide. Call (844) 952-7268 for a consultation or to learn more about our drug rehab services. Find Volunteer Opportunities in Santa CruzAt Bodhi Addiction not only do we encourage our clients to participate in volunteer opportunities but we also lead by example. Bodhi Addiction personally donates time and resources to a variety of nonprofit organizations in need of help.

We believe volunteerism is a huge component for success in beating addiction as well as regaining one’s self.

Benefits of Volunteer Opportunities

Here are just a few benefits and examples of why we have incorporated it into our addiction services:

1. You can’t help someone else without helping yourself in the process. Volunteering restores the individuals’ self-worth and reminds them that they are good and capable of good.

2. Since people use drugs simply to change the way they feel or to “feel better”, volunteering enables them to realize there are better, more positive ways to feel better. The upside to this is, the feeling doesn’t “wear off” like the high from drugs and it is a more permanent step to rebuilding their foundation

3. Through one’s addiction to substances one also has a tendency to lie, cheat and steal. This can make the individual feel like a “bad person”. These behaviors often go against who one truly is and crushes one’s self-esteem. Life can be simplified: if you do bad, you feel bad. However, if you do good, you begin to feel good. The better the individual feels about themselves, the less likely they are to want to change that feeling through substances.

4. Simply put, it’s just good karma! Volunteering helps the individuals balance out and repair past transgressions.

Through this belief, Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness has developed a strong network of volunteer opportunities in Santa Cruz County so the individual can choose something meaningful to them. This makes the individual more willing to engage in this and receive the benefits from it, as well as restoring the power of choice.

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