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Nothing can substitute for a good sober foundation that you would get through an inpatient stay. However there are many things that can support your recovery with an outpatient program. With this in mind, we have developed the Bodhi Wellness Plan. This outpatient program plan is ideal for someone who cannot commit to an inpatient facility.  It can also help the individual that has recently completed an inpatient stay and wants to continue on with after care. The Bodhi Wellness Plan includes a variety of options which are most successful when the individual participates in all of the components. Any one of these services can be done individually as well. In the near future, we will be launching our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). In the meantime,  we offer the following services to accommodate your needs and to address the most common addiction issues.

Outpatient Program Services

  • Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness in Santa Cruz CA - 425 Capitola Ave #1, Capitola, CA 95010 - We offer addiction services, outpatient programs and holistic health and wellness from our office in Santa Cruz, California. We offer free treatment consultations and referrals to Northern California residential recovery programs and nationwide. Call (844) 952-7268 for a consultation or to learn more about our drug rehab services. Outpatient Program - Engaging in hobbies like bike riding can improve your health and improve your recovery. One on one counseling – to address underlying issues that one simply is not comfortable addressing in a group setting.
  • Nutrition planning – Since addiction takes a toll on the body, this is vital to getting the individual feeling good again and help recover from the damage that has been done.
  • Exercise – to help restore natural energy and sleep patterns.
  • Goal setting – to address who you want to become and what you would like to achieve with this new chapter of your life.
  • Mentoring – Meant to be an overall guide, this helps the individual with the many little questions that can come up while rebuilding your life. Accountability, empowerment and encouragement are all important factors to help one continue in the right direction.
  • Volunteerism – We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities with various groups. This component is great for helping the individual give back. Furthermore, it reminds the individual that they are good, as well as helping our community as a whole.
  • We also have connections throughout the wellness community that offer yoga, meditation, reiki, ayurveda, and more.  This will help achieve an overall sense of wellness.

Please give us a call at  (844) 952-7268 to see how it could benefit you or your loved one.

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